The Malware Attack "Fan-out" Effect in the Cloud

March 9, 2016
Krishna Narayanaswamy, Chief Scientist at Netskope, presented “Advanced Malware and Botnets: Understanding the New Concept of ‘Attack Fan-out’ in the Cloud” at the CSA Summit in San Francisco at the RSA Conference. Summary: The rapid rise in cloud adoption – of which organizations have underestimated the scope by nearly 10x - has created a new effect: a “cloud attack fan-out.” Between many connected devices, which increase attack surface, and capabilities like sync and share, which increase data velocity in the cloud, both the propensity for and the severity of breaches rise. Join Mr. Narayanaswamy, Netskope co-founder and chief scientist, for an in-depth look at data breaches involving cloud services and how they come about. Krishna will take a fun, “CSI-like” approach and draw upon unique, anonymized data seen in the cloud to illustrate: - The multiplier effect that the cloud can have on the probability of a data breach - Three real-world examples of the cloud’s role in data breaches, including a step-by-step review of a recent exploit discovered in a cloud storage app - A “how to” for identifying data breaches in an enterprise cloud environment using advanced anomaly detection techniques
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