Demo - Netskope Threat Protection

August 15, 2016

Netskope Threat Protection protects you against cloud-based threats such as malware and ransomware by inspecting sanctioned cloud apps for the presence of malware and by inspecting all cloud app traffic in real-time for malware. Malware that is discovered is quarantined in both cases.

Netskope Threat Protection leverages API integration with various sanctioned cloud apps, providing the ability to inspect the cloud app environment for various strains of malware. Once discovered, the malware is quarantined and replaced with a tombstone file, which in turn gets synced to the shared folders and sync clients, safely replacing malware that has spread.

You are presented with a dashboard that provides details about the malware that has been discovered and quarantined and which users have been affected.

The 2nd scenario is centered around malware that is enroute to or from cloud apps. Netskope Threat Protection can inspect all cloud app traffic in real-time and quarantine discovered malware.

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