Demo - Netskope for Egnyte Connect

July 1, 2016

Netskope has partnered with Egnyte to help Egnyte Connect customers prevent sensitive data loss, protect against threats and standardize on Egnyte.

Prevents sensitive data loss Netskope leverages deep API integration with Egnyte connect to help you better understand sensitive data that has made it’s way into Egnyte Connect.

In addition to leveraging an out-of-band API deployment, Netskope also supports inline deployment giving you real-time visibility and control of activities and data in Egnyte and across your cloud app environment. The Netskope Active Platform provides a powerful policy engine that enables you to bring in deep context into policy. From identity to device to location, you can craft granular policies to meet your needs.

Netskope can also differentiate between corporate and personal instances of Egnyte. This is important as you may want to customize your policies based on whether the use is from the corporate-sanctioned Egnyte or someone’s personal use of Egnyte.

Netskope also offers industry-leading cloud DLP with 3,000+ data identifiers, 500 file types and advanced features such as exact match, fingerprinting, custom keyword dictionaries and more. You also get out of the box profiles such and PII, PHI, and PCI.

The Netskope Active Platform can detect activities in real-time across both sanctioned cloud apps like Egnyte Connect and unsanctioned cloud apps such as a user’s personal cloud storage app.

Protect against threats Netskope for Egnyte also helps protect you from threats. In addition to anomaly detection, which looks for unusual user behavior, account hijacking detection, and compromised credentials, Netskope Active Threat Protection will protect you against various strains of malware, ransomeware, and APTs.

Netskope leverages API integration with Egnyte Connect to look for malware that is present in Egnyte. When the malware is discovered, it will quarantine it and replace the malware with a tombstone file.

Standardize on Egnyte Netskope for Egnyte can help you coach users away from unsanctioned, potentially risky cloud storage apps to Egnyte Connect. Netskope CCI assesses the enterprise-readiness of tens of thousands of cloud apps. Netskope discovered those cloud apps being used and supports custom coaching policies that can automatically be presented to users when they attempt to use the apps or perform a risky activity with those apps.

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