Demo - Netskope Encryption

September 18, 2016

Netskope Encryption provides a powerful layer of protection to safeguard your sensitive data in the cloud to ensure its confidentiality and privacy.

Take advantage of Netskope's key management service in the cloud or maintain control of your encryption keys on premises by integrating Netskope Encryption with your KMIP-compliant key management system.

Netskope protects sensitive data like this in cloud services such as OneDrive using AES-256 256 strong encryption and key management technology that is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified.

Encryption via Introspection There are two methods you can choose from when encrypting data with Netskope. First, is by leveraging Netskope’s API Introspection, which is and out-of-band deployment method that provides near real-time visibility and control over sanctioned apps. Introspection leverages API integration to scan the sanctioned cloud service and we can choose the files that we want to perform actions such as encrypt.

Encryption via Inline The 2nd method is to leverage the Netskope Active Platform’s ability to deployed inline and provide real-time visibility and control over all cloud services including sanctioned and unsanctioned. With this method we can perform actions such as encrypt as activities occur in real-time.

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