Demo - Netskope Cloud DLP for safely enabling cloud apps

June 7, 2016

This demo showcases Netskope's Cloud DLP solution with a focus on how to use a number of powerful features to safely enable cloud apps instead of being forced to block them. The use case spotlighted here is FINRA compliance and reducing risk of sensitive data leakage to social media, webmail, and cloud storage.

Key requirements covered in this demo include:

  1. Need to cover unsanctioned cloud app traffic and we showed that we can cover social media, cloud storage, and webmail at the category level.

  2. Need to be able to bring context into your policy, which is important for accuracy and false positive reduction and we showed that we can focus this policy in on the finance team.

  3. Support for keyword dictionaries and this was key to bringing in important data about company names and stock symbols

  4. Support for AND OR rules. This enables us to build a rule that include the keywords guarantee or recommend AND any public company name OR stock symbol. The result is a more focused policy that is accurate and delivers results without the false positives.

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