Demo - Allow, don't block social and still be compliant

February 8, 2016

This demo focuses on a use case where a financial services company with many employees relies on social media to get their job done. At the same time, because of FINRA compliance guidelines, this company is at risk because of the chance that financial recommendations and guidance could be leaked via social media.

In this use case, IT was forced with the decision to either block social media to address compliance concerns or to allow the use of social media to address business needs and accept the risk associated. This is a difficult trade off for IT.

This demo focused on how Netskope’s unique architecture gives you the ability to safely enable cloud apps such as social media and at the same time, help you be compliant.

There are 3 requirements that Netskope uniquely addresses to solve this use case:

First, there is the need to provide granular visibility into unsanctioned cloud apps such as social media.

Secondly, you need the ability to apply DLP based on the activities that are being performed in Shadow IT apps like social media.

Lastly, you need to provide the ability to enforce real-time policies based on activity, DLP profile, and support policy enforcement at the app category level such as social media.

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