Cloud and Mobile: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

October 29, 2014 Jamie Barnett

We released the Netskope Cloud Report for October today. Some really good stuff in this edition like cloud app adoption continues its steady climb with 579 cloud apps per enterprise, 88.7 percent of those apps aren’t enterprise-ready, and did you know that one-fifth of data uploaded to business intelligence apps (yes, those apps that are all about your data) are to apps that specify that the vendor owns the data in the terms and conditions? Sheesh!

But the real finding in this quarter’s report is about mobile. This is the first quarter that we break mobile into its own section and analyze cloud app activities performed by business users on their mobile devices. I’ve heard people call mobile usage “information snacking,” but this goes beyond that. It’s people getting work done, and specific kind of work at that. The most common things people do are send (57 percent), approve (53 percent), view (48 percent), login (47 percent), and post (45 percent). If you think about it, it’s those bite-sized chunks of work you can get done when you’re on-the-go. These days work is a zero-sum game, so how satisfying is it when you can approve an expense report while you’re standing in line at the grocery store?

With all of that mobile cloud app usage, it’s also worth looking at the policy violations that occur on mobile. A policy violation happens when a user attempts an activity on which an administrator has set a policy in the Netskope Active Platform (such as “Don’t share content from cloud storage outside of the company” or “Alert me if a user attempts to download from an HR app to a mobile device”). We found that 59 percent of download violations and more than one-third of DLP policy violations happened on mobile devices last quarter.

See the Netskope Cloud Report infographic here and get the full report here.

How are your users interacting with cloud apps on mobile? Tell us here or Tweet it to us @Netskope @jamiecbarnett #mobilecloudbffs

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