EU General Data Protection Regulation - Regional Workshops

December 8, 2016 Sue Goltyakova

The legal, compliance, and information security community is abuzz with talk of the European Commission’s pending EU General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR), set to be ratified in 2017. A critical aspect of the conversation is how organisations plan to comply with the law given that the average European organisation has 608 cloud apps in use, 90 percent of them “shadow IT."

Join Netskope and our privacy legal and compliance expert partners for an in-person seminar workshop, “Managing the Challenges of the Cloud Under the New EU General Data Protection Regulation,” which will be available in your local area starting in February 2016. You will get:

  • An overview of the pending GDPR law, and what it means for cloud-consuming organisations
  • A real-world look at how organisations are accessing the cloud, typical use cases, and what’s at stake under the GDPR
  • The six requirements for cloud-consuming organisations to comply with the GDPR
  • A framework for bringing your organisation into compliance with the GDPR, and proposed step-by-step checklist

Register your interest here, and we’ll contact you when a workshop is scheduled in your local area.

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