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  • Demo - Netskope integration with Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)1:09

    Demo - Netskope integration with Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

    <p>Netskope integrates with Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for comprehensive cloud threat defense.</p>

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  • Demo - Contextual policies safely enable sharing in cloud storage6:21

    Demo - Contextual policies safely enable sharing in cloud storage

    <p>Legacy systems such as perimeter security devices provide a coarse-grained view into cloud usage with information about bytes up, bytes down, and src and destination IP address. The lack of granul

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  • Netskope for Skype for Business4:42

    Netskope for Skype for Business

    <p>Netskope decodes granular details about more than a dozen activities taking place in Skype for Business. Track activities taking place from the Skype for Business web app, mobile app, or desktop a

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  • Demo - Netskope for Amazon Web Services4:23

    Demo - Netskope for Amazon Web Services

    <p>Netskope decodes granular details about user and admin activity such as creating, deleting, and editing VMs, performing snapshots, configuring networks, creating and editing subscriptions, and mani

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  • Demo - Netskope for Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption3:34

    Demo - Netskope for Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption

    <p>Netskope has partnered with Salesforce to enhance the Bring Your Own Encryption Key capability that is part of Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption. Salesforce Shield Platform encryption allows cu

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  • Demo - Granular Visibility and Control2:27

    Demo - Granular Visibility and Control

    <p>When it comes to safely enabling the cloud, legacy security products force you into a coarse-grained decision of what cloud services to block vs which ones to allow. Organizations today want to con

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  • Demo - Integration with On-Premises DLP2:07

    Demo - Integration with On-Premises DLP

    <p>When Netskope announced a Cloud DLP reference architecture, one of the key components was the ability to integrate and leverage on-premises DLP systems as part of the workflow. This demo will showc

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  • Demo - Document Fingerprinting4:02

    Demo - Document Fingerprinting

    <p>Netskope supports document fingerprinting, which is a powerful capability used to identify sensitive information. As users continue to produce and handle various types of sensitive data and informa

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  • Demo - Netskope Encryption2:34

    Demo - Netskope Encryption

    <p>Netskope Encryption provides a powerful layer of protection to safeguard your sensitive data in the cloud to ensure its confidentiality and privacy.</p> <p>Take advantage of Netskope's key managem

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  • Demo - Netskope Threat Protection2:45

    Demo - Netskope Threat Protection

    <p>Netskope Threat Protection protects you against cloud-based threats such as malware and ransomware by inspecting sanctioned cloud apps for the presence of malware and by inspecting all cloud app tr

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  • Demo - Netskope for Google Apps5:47

    Demo - Netskope for Google Apps

    <p>Netskope safely enables Google Apps by giving you the ability to find and control risky activities, prevent sensitive data leakage, and protect against threats</p> <p>Netskope offers both out-of-b

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  • Demo - Netskope for Egnyte Connect6:59

    Demo - Netskope for Egnyte Connect

    <p>Netskope has partnered with Egnyte to help Egnyte Connect customers prevent sensitive data loss, protect against threats and standardize on Egnyte.</p> <p>Prevents sensitive data loss Netskope lev

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  • Demo - Incident Management4:14

    Demo - Incident Management

    Netskope does a great job capturing all cloud usage events and activities and surfacing alerts tied to the potentially risky ones. Like any platform that displays events and alerts, it is easy to

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  • Demo - Netskope Cloud DLP for safely enabling cloud apps9:26

    Demo - Netskope Cloud DLP for safely enabling cloud apps

    <p>This demo showcases Netskope's Cloud DLP solution with a focus on how to use a number of powerful features to safely enable cloud apps instead of being forced to block them. The use case spotlight

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  • Securing non-sanctioned apps11:27

    Securing non-sanctioned apps

    <p>Travis Pinto, Netskope Sales Engineer, talks about securing non-sanctioned cloud apps in your organization with a cloud access security broker. In this video, he provides specific examples for you

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  • Demo: Netskope Advantage for Box4:50

    Demo: Netskope Advantage for Box

    <p>This demo focuses on Box and showcases Netskope’s unique ability to see cloud usage details taking place whether a user is using Box from a browser, sync client, mobile app, or even from an app wit

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  • Demo - Netskope for Salesforce5:57

    Demo - Netskope for Salesforce

    <p>Watch this video to learn about how to prevent sensitive data leakage in Salesforce, stop data exfiltration from Salesforce to unsanctioned cloud apps, and govern usage so that you can safely enabl

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  • Netskope demo - Malware Attack Fan-Out2:27

    Netskope demo - Malware Attack Fan-Out

    <p>Watch this video to learn about the malware fan-out effect where a user can inadvertently spread infected files through cloud sync and share cloud apps. We also show you how Netskope Active Threat

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  • Demo - Allow, don't block social and still be compliant4:52

    Demo - Allow, don't block social and still be compliant

    <p>This demo focuses on a use case where a financial services company with many employees relies on social media to get their job done. At the same time, because of FINRA compliance guidelines, this c

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  • Demo - Visibility & Control for email3:15

    Demo - Visibility & Control for email

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