Movie Line Monday: A Place for Your Stuff

December 7, 2014

"Where can I find a place to put my stuff?"


- George Carlin


In this episode of Movie Line Monday, Sr. Director of Product Marketing Bob Gilbert reaches back into the early 80s to reference to great George Carlin's 1981 stand up routine about finding a place for your stuff. Bob brings us to modern day where Dropbox is the place for all our stuff. From your family photos to your company's financials, many people love Dropbox for their stuff. And while Dropbox is an enterprise-ready cloud app, IT is still responsible for ensuring their company's assets and sensitive data are protected. Watch as Bob takes us through the necessary considerations and how Netskope can help. Have a question for Bob or a suggestion for the next episode? Write to us at

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Netskope for Box - Product Demo
Netskope for Box - Product Demo

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