Demo - Safely permit unsanctioned cloud services

October 1, 2017

One of the ways many of our customers approach cloud security is via three phases. Often times the first phase is to discover cloud services in use and assess risk. Netskope research shows that on average, an enterprise has more than 1,000 cloud services being used by employees.

Another phase of cloud security is safely enabling sanctioned cloud services such as Office 365, Box, Salesforce, and many more. This phase involves adding an extra layer of security by applying granular policies, access control, DLP, and threat protection.

Once you have identified cloud services in use and assessed risk and safely enabled sanctioned cloud services, the 3rd phase is centered around what to do with all the unsanctioned cloud services discovered in the first phase. Cloud-first organizations want to safely permit these cloud services and not disrupt the business by attempting to block them outright.

This is one of the key areas that separates Netskope from other CASBs. Netskope’s unique architecture understands the language of the cloud and provides the ability to perform granular policy control and DLP on thousands of cloud services. This means that you can apply the same level of cloud security to unsanctioned as you can for sanctioned.

Netskope was uniquely architected to safely enable both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services, enabling you to address the requirements tied to a comprehensive cloud security strategy.

Only Netskope enables you to safely permit unsanctioned cloud services. Let’s take a closer look at how Netskope uniquely enables you to safely permit unsanctioned cloud services.

It starts with support for real-time granular visibility and control for thousands of cloud services. Other security products focus on discovery and sanctioned cloud services only and do not have the ability to decode rich contextual details about unsanctioned cloud usage.

Supporting DLP for thousands of cloud services is another key requirement and only Netskope provides award-winning cloud DLP that protects thousands of cloud services against sensitive data loss. Other security products focus DLP on sanctioned cloud services or generic web traffic, resulting in a big blind spot for sensitive data leakage.

With more than 1,000 cloud services being used on average in the enterprise, being able to triage those cloud services effectively is key to safe enablement. Only Netskope supports category-level and layered policies to allow activities to streamline the process of policy enforcement.

Netskope also supports the unique ability to differentiate between instances of applications. This is key when it comes to varying your policies on personal vs corporate instances of cloud services.

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