Demo - Ad hoc Queries and Dynamic Reports

March 24, 2017

Netskope provides insight into cloud usage details spanning users, devices, apps, and data. From a user-centric standpoint, Netskope calculates risk based on several factors that include the apps the user is using, the amount of data they have transferred, whether they have had there credentials compromised, if the user has visited malicious websites, and if there is anomalous behavior detected.

You can drill into user activity by going to SkopeIT, which is Netskope’s event-by-event monitoring tool. SkopeIT captures every cloud transaction and you can leverage Netskope’s powerful query engine to extract rich contextual cloud usage details about user, device, location, activity, and data.

Netskope also provides a powerful dynamic reporting facility that leverages the same ad hoc query engine that powers SkopeIT. Here you can generate data using the same query engine semantics. In this case lets look at activity data tied to a particular user.

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Get to Know Netskope in Two Minutes
Get to Know Netskope in Two Minutes

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