Office 365 In Focus. Security and Governance Strategies from the Experts

June 25, 2015

Featured Speakers Adrian Sanabria - Sr. Security Analyst, 451 Research Shamiana Soderberg - Sr. Business Development Manager, Cloud Productivity, Microsoft Jamie Barnett - CMO, Netskope

One of today's biggest cloud trends is enterprise adoption of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. There is one wrinkle, though. Your business wants to move quickly to get immediate value, while your security team needs to proceed a little more cautiously to ensure they can govern usage and protect sensitive data. Can organizations move quickly and instrument the proper controls?

Join Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst from 451 Research, Shamiana Soderberg, Senior Business Development Manager Cloud Productivity from Microsoft, and Jamie Barnett, CMO of Netskope for a look at safe enablement best practices for Office 365, and the role Cloud Access Security Brokers play in this effort.

Attendees will come away with the ten real-world requirements that every organization should consider when adopting a sanctioned cloud productivity suite like Office 365. These requirements will address areas like:

  • Granular administrative and user controls across the Office 365 suite
  • DLP for content “at rest” within and “en route” to or from the suite
  • Usage and data governance within the suite and its ecosystem

Learn more about Office 365 Security.

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