The Marketing Stack: The End of "Suite"

February 25, 2015 Jamie Barnett

It was a fun experience to be a part of Crimson Marketing's Moneyball for Marketing podcast. We went over how Netskope looks at the data in our cloud (aggregated and anonymized, of course), and then marries those findings with anecdotes about what our customers are doing, in order to convey best practices and ideas when it comes to safely enabling cloud apps

As a part of the podcast, Glenn Gow asked me about our technology stack in marketing at Netskope. We use more than 100 cloud apps in marketing alone. In fact, using Netskope, I saw that I used 67 in the last 30 days! Beyond Salesforce, Marketo, and our favorite social media apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and the new marketing social app, Shocase, we use VoiceStorm for employee and partner advocacy on social media, HootSuite for managing our social voice, Trello and Basecamp for project management, Marketo for campaign management, Box for organizing our content, and Google Apps for collaborating real-time. We even use our engineering team's instances of Atlassian JIRA and Confluence to make sure our requirements get in the product queue. And our new fave these days is Uberflip, which we use to make sure all of the content we produce stays front-and-center where it's most relevant. We talked about so many apps, it even made Glenn blush (and my sense is he doesn't blush easily). 

We don't use these apps for the sake of using cool new technology. Everything plays a specific role, and plays it well (otherwise, we get rid of it). And because APIs make it so easy to integrate across them, we get to go "best of breed" every time. In fact, I would argue that there is no "suite" anymore, just ecosystems of intertwined apps. 

What we're experiencing in our team is not unique. Marketing peers in other companies have or are building the same system (in fact, we regularly trade ideas and share our favorite tools with each other), and other teams are doing the same. Just look at our cloud report: 38 HR apps. 31 Finance apps. 25 Software Development apps. This is happening across the board. 

Which leads us to the reason we're here. Cloud Access Security Brokers are about safely enabling the apps you sanction, but also the ones you don't. And given it's the "end of days" for suites, this coverage for unsanctioned apps is absolutely critical. No IT organization in the world can keep up (nor should they) with this adoption. Just like we all do, they need to learn to scale. And this is what this market is all about. 

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Jamie Barnett

From her experience in various management roles at Zenprise, Citrix, McAfee, RSA Security and InfoArmor, Jamie Barnett brings more than 15 years of experience to Netskope as the chief marketing officer. Coffee notes: Jamie fuels her relentless energy with Peet’s House Blend.

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